Public Deliverables

Here, you can find the summaries of the project's public deliverables.

WP: Work Package; D: Deliverable

WP 1: Project Coordination

  • D1.1 - D1.4 Interim Reports
  • D1.5 - D1.7 Periodic project reports
  • D1.8 HarmonicSS report on Gender and Equal Opportunities

WP 2: Dissemination, Exploitation and Sustainability

WP 3: Requirements and Architecture of the HarmonicSS platform

WP 4: Harmonization and delivery of HarmonicSS integrative cohort

  • D4.1 Data management plan
  • D4.2 Guidelines and clinical preparatory actions for completing individual cohorts
  • D4.3 Cloud infrastructure, repositories and semantic interlinking mechanisms
  • D4.4 HarmonicSS integrative cohort

WP 5: Data analytics services and integration

WP 6: Addressing the unmet needs of pSS early diagnosis, prognosis and treatment

WP 7: Tools of the HarmonicSS platform

  • D7.1 The HarmonicSS tools v1
  • D7.2 The HarmonicSS tools v2

WP 8: Health policies definition, implementation and evaluation