List of Milestones

MS1.1 Kick off meeting Completed
MS1.2 Project management plan Completed
MS1.3 Technical, integration and risk management plan Completed
MS2.1 The business plan of the HarmonicSS outcome Upcoming
MS2.2 The plan for sustainability and expandability Upcoming
MS3.1 HarmonicSS architecture Completed
MS4.1 HarmonicSS integrative cohort Upcoming
MS5.1 HarmonicSS core services v1 Upcoming
MS6.1 Results of the clinical and research pSS unmet needs and services validation Upcoming
MS6.2 Common clinical practices, guidelines and rules Upcoming
MS7.1 HarmonicSS tools validated and evaluated for usability Upcoming
MS8.1 Geographical variations in current clinical practice and scientific evidence Upcoming
MS8.2 Implementation of health policy and preliminary results on its implementation and processs evaluation Upcoming